WellMax Scaffolding win ‘Project of the Year by a Specialist Contractor’

WellMax Scaffolding, Audited Members of the Scaffolding Association, were proud winners at the Construction News CN Specialists Awards 2021, winning ‘Project of the Year by a Specialist Contractor (subcontract up to £1m)’.

The company successfully delivered a hugely impressive scaffolding package for vital conservation works at the iconic Grade l listed British Museum in central London. The project was no small task, with WellMax obliged to meet the client’s requirements with a strict set of constraints in place.

Structural needs meant that traditional methodology was not suitable because of the few areas available for ground loading. WellMax were also not allowed to create any visual detraction of the front of the museum – not the easiest task when enabling access for renovation.

Not daunted by the challenges, however, the company came up with a series of solutions. For access to the underside of the soffits it placed structural towers behind the museum’s iconic columns, passively tied to the building, allowing direct ground loading into areas that could sustain imposed loads while leaving the void between the columns clear.

The installation of a new copper roof meant a temporary roof scaffold was needed, but the building could only bear weight in highly-specific locations.

This led to solutions including the cantilevering of one elevation of the roof from the existing soffit scaffold and installation of a temporary roof that was able to move up and down in high winds.

Finally, the client wanted to wrap the scaffold, to mask the construction work. WellMax supplied and installed a mesh, using a high-resolution digital image of its famous portico, to seamlessly match the building’s facade.

The CN Specialists Awards judges said:

“This was a unique project and we were particularly taken by the drive to provide the best solution to the client, the museum and the public, enabling others to be able to do what was needed.

This complex project was full of innovation, was delivered safely and is a project of which they are deservedly proud.”

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