Vertemax launches Catchfan Mini

Work zone safety company, Vertemax has launched the Catchfan Mini, a quick and easy-to-use solution for the containment of falling objects and debris on construction sites; protecting site workers and the public.

The Catchfan Mini attaches to any scaffold, whether it’s system scaffolding or traditional tube and fittings and requires no adaptations to work.

Unlike a traditional scaffold protection fan, the Catchfan Mini is designed to absorb the energy of a falling object and eliminate the possibility of objects bouncing out. In addition to the 60mm x 60mm heavy duty net a 20mm x 20mm overlay is also used to contain finer debris.

The framework of the Catchfan Mini is made completely of aluminium and, with a total weight of only 39 kg, it can be installed by just two men, negating the need for a crane lift. This results in significant cost savings and frees up the crane for other site operations.

Additionally, the Catchfan Mini can be moved up the building as the scaffold progresses for maximum impact on site safety.

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