Traffic commissioner revokes scaffolding contractor’s operator’s licence

J&P Scaffolding, of Edgeware Road, London, has had its operator’s licence revoked following a traffic commissioner’s Public Inquiry.

The decision to disqualify company director Jacek Pawlaczyk for a period of two years from holding or obtaining an operator’s licence in any traffic area, and from being the director of any company holding or obtaining such a licence, was made on 26 March 2019.

In his January 2019 report, the traffic commissioner highlighted that the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) vehicle examiner had found a number of shortcomings, including a high MOT final failure rate of 30 per cent and excessive intervals between safety inspections on two occasions. Mr Pawlaczyk’s aggressive and threatening behaviour towards the DVSA examiner was also noted as being significant and warranting his disqualification from holding an operator’s licence.

Traffic commissioners have wide-ranging powers as part of a Public Inquiry and can revoke, refuse, curtail, suspend and, in severe cases, disqualify an operator from operating heavy goods vehicles.