A look at the ProView Firefly scaffolders level

The ProView Firefly is a 250mm-long level packed with practical and health and safety features.

Although designed with scaffolding in mind, the Firefly is very much a cross-trade level for the entire construction sector. Filled with an array of innovative features that you may not need every day, but will appreciate when you do need them.

The ProView Firefly is the same size as the Stabila type 81 and has been specifically designed to fit existing Frogs. It was designed in direct consultation with the scaffolding community with on-site testing.

A scaffolder can now easily read the horizontal bubble via the EndView Mirror whilst making overhead adjustments directly from the standard by looking into the end of the level. Users can see the bubble positioned half way down the length of a 6-metre ledger when centred on the sag in the tube –  even in poor light.

When viewing directly from above on low level work – when basing out for example – the EndView Mirror can be fully retracted to provide a clear unobstructed top view.

Other features include: replaceable acrylic plastic mirrors, end view adjuster and plumb view mirror retainers; two high quality, high accuracy, precision CNC-machined block vials, set to an accuracy of 0.5mm per metre in normal position; durable high quality powder-coated finish; built-in Allen key slot with Allen key for on-site maintenance. Should the ProView Firefly become damaged a full suite of replacement parts are available online.

Scaffolders buying the full version ProView Firefly also receive a N52 grade neodymium magnet and a Firefly illumination pack.