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Colchester-based Swift Scaffolding has been supporting Hill Construction with the creation of 242 new homes as part of the current phase of Blackwall Reach, which is transforming the Poplar area of London with the provision of more than 1,500 new apartments and a sustainable community.


During a three-month period, Swift has employed one or two gangs of scaffolders on-site, adopting 100 per cent tool, equipment and material tethering.


Joe Coull, Swift’s health and safety manager, told AccessPoint: “The client had employed mast climbers to access the outer facade of the structure.


“Because the building steps in at the top, the mast climbers could not reach, so Swift Scaffolding was tasked with erecting a truss-out scaffold to access all four sides of the remaining uppermost floor facades.”


“The work took place in and above the vicinity of very public areas, such as Poplar High Street, the A1206 and the local Docklands Light Railway line. This close proximity to the public made it essential for us to implement 100 per cent tethering for safe working.”



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