Spirafix and The Grand Tour

The team at Spirafix recently worked on a project of a different kind for the ‘Breaking Badly’ episode of Amazon Prime series The Grand Tour, featuring Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.

Spirafix’s challenge was securely fix a jet engine to the ground at Huddersfield International Airport, where, in usual style, The Grand Tour trio were causing mayhem and creating laughs.

The stunt itself was no laughing matter, and the Health & Safety team were, quite rightly, watching every move to ensure compliance with safety regulations. The production crew needed 12 tonnes of force to fix the 6 tonnes of thrust from the turbine, safely and securely to the ground.

Using the biggest anchors currently in production, the team installed 6 x 75mm anchors and 12 x 40mm anchors using a combination of ratchet straps and brackets.

Paul Clatworthy, operations director and joint owner of Spirafix, said: “It was a top-secret project that was, as you’d expect, a lot of fun but with a very serious health and safety brief.

“It all looks like chaos when you watch the programmes and the Grand Tour team are really entertaining – but we had a pretty serious job to do. Our unique ground anchors proved their capabilities.”


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