SpanSet Instructor takes part in successful rescue of injured caver

Associate members of the Scaffolding Association, SpanSet, have said they are proud of one of their Height Safety Trainers, Pete Knight, who played a role in a recent cave rescue mission in South Wales.

Pete, who like some others on the team at SpanSet enjoys caving in his spare time, is also a cave and mine exploration Instructor and Technical Advisor to the outdoor industry, and has been a member of the Derbyshire Cave Rescue Organisation (DCRO) for several years and has more recently becoming one of the team’s Controllers.

Pete was out with his local caving club on Saturday 6th November when he started to hear on the grapevine of a big incident in a cave in South Wales at Ogof Ffynnon Ddu (OFD), one of the UK’s largest cave systems, then at 8am on the Sunday his phone went off with a jarring alarm tone signalling a cave rescue message arriving.

Arriving at the South Wales Caving Club it was immediately apparent that this was a huge rescue, with groups of cavers everywhere, gathered from across the UK.

Pete, who was due to deliver training at SpanSet, was deployed underground in the very early hours of Monday 8th having spoken to colleague Sam Wilkinson, who is the Training Manager at SpanSet. It was a long and complicated rescue where teams worked in shifts of 8 hours in what might prove to be the UK’s longest ever underground stretcher carry. The casualty was brought to the surface over 50 hours after the accident took place.

Pete Knight commented:

“I’m very grateful not to have had to rush back from Wales to get to work and thank Sam for jumping in without any hesitation to take over my course. I was back delivering a Gotcha Rescue Kit training course at Middlewich on Wednesday, and I think I did an okay job of hiding the muscle fatigue and bruises generated over the preceding days in South Wales! I was very proud to play a small part in this successful rescue and wish to congratulate the South and Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team on a superbly managed incident. Like other cave or mountain rescue teams in the UK, SMWCRT is made up of volunteers and is entirely funded by donations.”

Read the full story here.

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