SMAS Worksafe announces new plan structure

SMAS Worksafe, a partner of the Scaffolding Association, is delighted to announce a new plan structure which will help members easily identify what level of compliance and support they wish to obtain and the pricing and benefits for each.

The new three-tiered systems are:

Worksafe Assessment, which includes:

  • Standard H&S SSIP Assessment
  • Worksafe PQQ Profile

Worksafe Pro, which includes the features in Worksafe Assessment, plus:

  • Policy Template
  • IEMA Environmental Review
  • IRCA Quality Review

Worksafe Infinity, which includes all of the features in Worksafe Assessment and Worksafe Pro, plus:

  • Action Plans
  • Helpline Access
  • Tailored Policies provided by SMAS
  • Mid-year Review

This simpler system should help access and scaffolding companies identify their compliance and support.


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