Home Product News SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT hoarding available in 16mm thickness

MEDITE SMARTPLY has introduced a new 16mm thickness to its SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT range of highly engineered, moisture-resistant, pre-primed OSB3 panel, specifically designed for demanding hoarding applications.

This new 16mm thickness will increase the versatility of SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT and is in line with the Temporary Works Forum’s Guide to Good Practice. The existing 18mm board is still available.

SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT comes pre-primed with a heavy duty, cross-linked polymer primer, is structurally sound and can be manufactured in sizes of up to three metres high, ensuring maximum security. The board only needs application of a top coat, saving contractors time and energy and making the product ideal for use either as a temporary hoarding where time is of the essence, or as a long-term security installation in high-profile locations.

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