SMART Scaffolder launches new scaffold analysis software

SMART Calculations is a brand-new desktop software package that allows the rapid calculation of leg loads, tie duty and bridge beam checks for tube and fitting independent scaffolding as well as the TG20:13 wind factor for sites in the UK and Ireland.

It can be easily used by any competent person with an understanding of TG20:13 and requires no specialist engineering knowledge as it avoids complex inputs.

Go beyond TG20:13

SMART Calculations goes beyond TG20:13 and can be used on its own or as an ideal companion to SMART Estimator Check IT TG20:13 or the NASC TG20:13 eGuide when a client needs calculations or drawings.

Bridge beams

The software checks scaffold bridges of up to 20m span including: moment and shear capacity, deflection, coupler slip and standard capacity, with an option to double the standards. The user can define their own beam or pick from a library of the most popular.

Leg loads and tie duties

Leg loads are calculated precisely and include lateral loads such as the wind. Unlike the eGuide, which conservatively treats the scaffold as fully boarded, the leg loads allow for the number of boarded lifts and can be supplied to the client to check the foundations. The tie duties are also calculated exactly and the reduced loads can allow you to use fewer ties where permitted by TG20. These optimised loads will also make it more likely that your proof tests (sometimes known as pull tests) will pass in accordance with TG4.

Ian Chambers, SMART Scaffolder Sales & Marketing Director, said “As the authors of TG20:13 and the NASC’s eGuide we have considerable expertise and experience when it comes to scaffold design. We have used this knowledge to create a simple to use interface to produce detailed reports, including calculations and drawings, that contractors often require. SMART Calculations will save scaffolders time and money whilst optimising the scaffold design for safety”.

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