SiteZone Safety – adaptable technology helping with collisions between personnel and vehicles & social distancing

SiteZone Safety’s aim is to use technology to reduce the risk of work- related collisions between personnel and vehicles.

In addition, they have developed a Personnel Distancing System that helps people to adhere to the Covid-19 2m social distancing rule.

Here’s how:

The SiteZone Proximity Warning System (PWS)

The PWS is the personnel/vehicle anti-collision system.

Site vehicles are fitted with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) base units, while pedestrians have RFID tags fitted to their hard hats or sleeves.

When a pedestrian enters the exclusion zone of a vehicle, both the pedestrian and driver receive a warning.

The wearable RFID tag vibrates on the pedestrian making them aware of the vehicle, while the driver receives an audible and visual alarm.

Each exclusion zone can be adjusted to suit specific vehicles and site conditions.

The SiteZone Personnel Distancing System (PDS)

The PDS system helps to enforce the 2m social distancing rule in controlled work environments.

It enables sites to function whilst protecting workers’ health and safety.

There’s 100 hours between charges, it is lightweight, easy to use and compatible with existing SiteZone Proximity Warning installations.

It is developed from proven technology with 125 million hours of use.

Learning by data capture with OverSite

The telematics option records all the system’s incidences, near misses, alarm triggers and sends the information to the Cloud, available for analysis and benchmarking by managers later.

Find out more over on their website:

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