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Here it is – a new scaffolding magazine for the sector, AccessPoint!

This is the first issue AccessPoint – a scaffolding magazine which we hope will help to boost awareness and understanding about the skills and capabilities of businesses active in the access and scaffolding industry.

It’s a great time to bring AccessPoint to you. Scaffolding Association membership is at record levels – and growing– and some of our members are successfully completing the audit process right now to become Audited Members. We hear from CCS Scaffolding on page 23 about the stringent audit process they went through and what their new member status means to them, both for now and the future. Congratulations to everyone at CCS on achieving Audited Member status.

Large clients are starting to look for wider-reaching procurement routes, and our audit process is being welcomed in this respect. There are different levels of audit available to scaffolding contractors needing to pre-qualify (we talk through these on page 20) and our Audited Membership category sits at Level 1 in the PAS 91 Three Assurance Level Model. It’s the highest and most-comprehensive audit level you can go for and involves an independent two-stage audit, desktop and on-site, by IQ Verify, who are UKAS accredited. Just ask us if you want to know more or read the details on the Membership Levels page on

Our holistic approach to the sector is paving the way for a more joined up and progressive industry – one we can be very proud of. We continually hear of scaffold contractors receiving prestigious accolades, demonstrating their commitment to raising standards and improving the image of our industry.

One aspect of the sector – and of construction as a whole –that’s important to keep focused on is making ‘health’ a priority by helping to support colleagues with mental health issues and tackling the stigma surrounding it head on. We read statistics on mental health and wellbeing in construction every week and it is such an important topic that entire summits are dedicated to raising awareness of health issues in construction and discussing ways to encourage more openness around the topic. We know it’s impossible to remove workplace stress completely, but where we can find ways to minimise the risks of harm caused by stress and mental health issues, let’s do so wherever we can.

Another area we’ll be focusing on as an association is the temporary works process. This is still an area of weakness within the industry, and improving awareness and understanding is something we are actively working on in 2017.

So, it just leaves me to say… happy reading!

Robert Candy
Chief Executive
Scaffolding Association

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