Scaffolding contractor fined after electrical cable risk

A Jersey scaffolding contractor has been ordered to pay £45,000 in fines and legal costs after putting workers at risk of electrocution and burns from an exposed electrical cable.

Jubilee Scaffolding Company was contracted to erect scaffolding at Westcôte on Mont Félard in St Lawrence in August 2018. The property owner raised concerns that an uninsulated mains electrical cable, which was secured to the scaffolding using a steel clamp, was putting workers at risk.

The Health and Safety Inspectorate investigated and called in the company’s directors for interview. The employee responsible for putting up the scaffolding claimed that workers had believed the wire was a telephone cable, not an electrical cable.

Outlining his case, Crown Advocate Conrad Yates said there had been a “serious risk” of electric shock, burns or electrocution to workers from the exposed wire, calling for the company to be fined £40,000 for breaching health and safety laws with a further £5,000 fine to cover the prosecution’s legal costs.

The company, which pleaded guilty to the breaches, was represented by its managing director and owner, Sarah Waye, in court. Ms Waye said she had done “everything in her power” to improve safety standards since last summer.

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