Scaffolding Association Support Team Supports their local community amid COVID19

A member of the Scaffolding Association’s support team has received a letter from the House of Commons to thank them for their contribution to the community during the Covid-19 outbreak.

At the beginning of the outbreak, Alison, who lives in a small village which has a significant amount of elderly residence, was concerned with how the more vulnerable villagers would cope in self-isolation.

She used the mailing list and social media platforms of the local sports club to put the message out that she was willing to help by picking up essentials, such as groceries and prescriptions, as well as walking people’s dogs for them.

Concerned that the elderly may not see the online gesture, Alison took up the local Vicar’s offer of printing 350 leaflets, and delivered them to every household.

She soon received an abundance of calls, text and emails; mainly from people who also wanted to help too.

After having recruited 11 volunteers and creating a group for them all to stay in contact, she received her first genuine call from a person in need; a 77 year old widower who needed some rum!

Alison said she:

“was overwhelmed with calls the first day, mainly from people who wanted to help which was lovely, the first genuine call was from a hilarious pensioner who was self-isolating and running out of rum, she made my day! But over the next few weeks we had loads of calls to pick up prescriptions and groceries etc. It felt nice to know that all the elderly or more vulnerable in the village knew they were looked after throughout the lockdown”

Alison received information from the local council that she relayed to the community as well as hosting three virtual pub nights every week where the locals logged in for Wine Wednesday’s, Friday’s 5 o’clock Club & Saturday’s Fancy Dress Party night.

Last week she received recognition for all her hard work with a letter from the House of Commons thanking her and her fellow volunteers ‘for the vital work’ they had done throughout the crisis, which was ‘enormously appreciated.’

A good thing that has come out of the Covid-19 crisis is the sense of solidarity and community spirit that it has ignited.

Well done to all of those who stepped up to help others during the outbreak, when you stand together, everything becomes easier.