SCAFFBAND® – designed to highlight scaffold tubes

There’s no more need for cable ties or duct tape – SCAFFBAND® is a high visibility, waterproof band that fits quickly and firmly around horizontal or vertical tubes, ensuring that passers-by are well aware of temporary scaffolding and can avoid collisions.

The rugged, waterproof construction is designed for re-use, comes in standard sizes and is easily stored between jobs in bespoke bags.

SCAFFBAND® can be customised to suit each customer’s requirements by printing a company logo or bespoke safety message.

Based in Suffolk, HAZBAND Ltd is offering an alternative to often one-use items, ideal for temporary exterior infrastructures.

HAZBAND Ltd also provide SCAFFBAND®pockets, with a tough vinyl cover to secure safety tags, ladder bands, Heras fencing bands, outrigger bands and social distancing bollard bands.

Whether you are looking to fit a package of safety bands for a project or if you are looking for a bespoke design, the HAZBAND team are happy to help you.

For more information visit HAZBAND’S website here or email your questions or queries to [email protected]

This article was originally featured in the 15th printed edition of AccessPoint, you can read the full magazine online by clicking below;

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