Rhino IMPACT decking system – speed and strength

Scaffolding Association members, RhinoDeck have launched their new Rhino IMPACT decking system, which is a solid, strong, sturdy working platform that looks and feels like a tradition scaffold birdcage but has the same advantages of a high speed, tool-free decking system.

It is highly affordable, enabling those that invest to quickly see a return on their investment.

Rhino IMPACT uses the same frame and components as the Rhino ORIGINAL system (which is still available) but instead of the steel mesh panel it uses a new deck panel constructed from regular scaffold boards which are cut down to 1265mm and bolted together with steel plates.

A three board panel is a 13ft scaffold board cut exactly into three lengths.

Key benefits include: tool-free installation;

  • No need for trained scaffolders
  • Fully loadable to the same level as a scaffold birdcage
  • 100% free-standing
  • highly versatile with minimal components and very
  • Few overlap panels
  • Swap and upgrade components between Rhino IMPACT and ORIGINAL without significant extra cost.

Rhino IMPACT has a patent pending, and is one of a number of major product releases from RhinoDeck Ltd planned for 2021.

RhinoDeck invited 3 experienced Ducker & Young scaffolders to compete with 2 decking installers to erect a birdcage in a 40m2 regular house type, demonstrating a 50% saving in labour time.

You can see the video here:

FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT: RhinoDeck’s website here.

This article was originally featured in the 15th printed edition of AccessPoint, you can read the full magazine online by clicking below;

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