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Avontus Software

The latest update to Scaffold Designer, from Avontus Software, enables engineers to review drawings in augmented reality (AR) when paired with the Scaffold Viewer app. Benefiting both customers and crews, this new feature allows the structure to be viewed in full 3D.

In a similar way to carrying out a final check on-site at actual scale, users can ensure that their scaffold meets the customer’s needs before unloading the first base jack.

AR Scaffold Designer now gives users complete control of scaffolds for circular tanks. With a flexible and effective workflow, key requirements are automatically generated to produce a circular scaffold to specifications.

In addition, structural components such as slabs and beams can now be identified and detailed, allowing complex work environments to be modelled with ease. Whether hanging a scaffold from a pipe rack or under a bridge, users can clearly communicate the proposed scaffold to customers and crews, without needing an entire drawing package from an engineer.


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