Quick and secure scaffold tube lifting with The Gaydon Clamp

The innovative Gaydon Clamp saves labour time by allowing scaffolders to lift and lower scaffolding tubes up to multi levels quickly and easily.

Users just need a standard scaffold spanner to secure and release The Gaydon Clamp on two scaffold tubes at a time, safely and with maximum efficiency.

Andrew O’Connor from Gold Standard Scaffolding has put this new clamp to the test on-site. He said: “We’ve found The Gaydon Clamp to be a great solution to one of the few remaining high-risk but necessary tasks that come with the job.

“Knots can be tied wrong, and incorrect ropes are commonly used. This fitting eliminates these risks and makes our job safer.”

Luke Bacon, from Bristol Access Scaffolding, describes The Gaydon Clamp as being “a great invention and an excellent modern replacement to the traditional tying on using the rope,” adding, “It’s simple to use, meaning the guys can confidently lift kit safely and quickly whenever they need to.”



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