Powertherm Contract Services granted ‘Fit For Nuclear’ status

Powertherm Contract Services, who are Assessed Members of the Scaffolding Association, are proud to have been granted ‘Fit For Nuclear’ status.

To be granted Fit For Nuclear (F4N) status for the next 3 years, Powertherm needed to ensure they reached the standards required to supply the nuclear industry in new build, operations, and decommissioning. 

To achieve this, Powertherm identified and implemented improvements in their business and are now considered capable of supplying the nuclear sector.

F4N is a service to help UK companies get ready to bid for work in the nuclear supply chain.

It has been developed by The Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (Nuclear AMRC), which is part of The University of Sheffield and the High Value Manufacturing Catapult.

The process of becoming Fit For Nuclear is a journey which can take many months to complete. It took a great amount of effort and commitment from members of Powertherm’s team, with the help of an industrial advisor from Nuclear AMRC, to be granted F4N status.

Powertherm will now appear in the F4N directory – a database of nuclear-ready suppliers and on the F4N Connect portal.

Achieving F4N status further proves Powertherm’s capabilities to supply industry leaders.

Providing them with the peace of mind they are working with a company that prides itself on operating to the high standards expect within the nuclear industry.


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