Partnerships the key to bridge project

Infrastructure Site Services Limited (ISS), who are Audited Members of the Scaffolding Association, and Creator Scaffold Design and Temporary Works Consultants Limited, who are Associate Members, have been working together to provide access to a unique bridge.

ISS and Creator collaborated to provide access to Chartershaugh Bridge, Tyne & Wear, to allow Esh Construction Ltd and ICS Ltd to undertake concrete repairs, grit blast and paint and other essential maintenance works.

Chartershaugh Bridge, which spans the River Wear, was opened in 1975 and is an unusual pier design. These additional obstacles were not the only challenges faced when designing the structure as Steve Iley, Business Manager at ISS, explained:

“The unusual pier design at Chartershaugh Bridge meant that, after our initial planning, we collaborated closely with Ryan Berry, Managing Director at Creator, to check that our strategy was achievable and that we could effectively overcome the obstacles and loadings for the bridge. Our two teams then developed and finalised the design together. Restrictions meant that additional kentledge was required and the limited openings within the pier/bridge width for cantilever scaffold presented another challenge.

We utilised our ISS runway and bogey system, initially for our works, but this was quickly taken up by the client for their own works as well.”

Bradley Berry, Operations Director at Creator added: 

“The specification for the project was to provide access to the under-deck by connecting to existing steelwork. We had challenges of overloading the existing structure and worked closely with the structural engineer to eliminate the risk, the load conditions were for a general purpose access load but with the brief to minimise the number of fixing locations to facilitate grit blasting and painting. In addition the method of supporting walkways between embankment cantilevers was unique in the fact that there was large spans between cantilevers.”

Summarising the project, Steve said: 

“The trickiest part of the project was undertaking the encapsulation/final seal, because of the awkward shape of the structure, but it’s incredibly satisfying to achieve a workable design and see it realised. It was an interesting project for the team to experience – not your normal ‘run of the mill’ slung scaffold.

It was made much easier by the fact that ISS and Creator have developed an excellent understanding and a great relationship working together for several years.”

Overall the Chartershaugh Bridge project was a huge success, Bradley concluded:

 “We relished the intricate detailing aspect of the job and the customer was great to work with throughout.”

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