Palmers provides special access solutions at Euston Station

Palmers Scaffolding UK is providing large-scale special access solutions and scaffolding for the St James Park London Euston Station HS2-enabling construction works.

The scaffold consists of a huge 10,000m2 temporary roof – supported below by 15 towers and 300m of bespoke Palmers special access spine beam – with a privacy screen around St James Gardens, to house the archaeology programme underway to carry out operations in a cemetery buried underneath the park.

The temporary works began in summer 2018 and the scaffolding structure is to remain erected for approximately 18 months, while the archaeology works take place.

An experienced Palmers team of around 30 are on-site, installing the large temporary roof spans (of over 37m), the multiple scaffolding towers and complex access spine beams which complete the 10,000m2 temporary roof, access and scaffolding structure.

It is expected that around 90 per cent of the works will be completed from the confines of a safe working platform (fully boarded and hand-railed) before being traversed into position, to avoid the risk of working at height.

Donald Morrison, managing director of Palmers, said: “This is a marvellous project in every sense.

“The design process has taken a long time to perfect, but the solution is proving to be ideal for purpose – with the 15 support towers running the entire length of the site and the spine beams allowing the temporary roof sections to be rolled out into position, creating a mobile weather-protection system to suit the works below.”



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