Optimus Access Limited launch ‘Your Well-Being’ initiative with support of Scaffolding Association

Optimus Access Limited (OAL) have collaborated with the Scaffolding Association to create a new well-being framework that benefits the team at OAL, plus the construction sector as a whole.

The collaboration pooled the expertise of staff from the two organisations with more people working together to achieve a better result.

The ‘Your Well-Being’ program helps with the early detection of well-being issues, while also providing a structure and set of protocols for management to follow should a potential issue be identified.

“We wanted a system that gave us better tools to be able to help any staff who encounter problems”

Some well-being programs are lots of box ticking with nothing of any substance. Our staff are our greatest asset, so we wanted to be proactive and ensure we had a better structure in place.”

Michael Collier, OAL Health & Safety Director

Although the full details of the program cannot be released publicly to protect confidential integrity, the initiative is based on a traffic light system with levels triggering specific protocols – from monitoring to seeking professional help. The framework allows quick reactions across four main risk categories – emotional, physical, financial and social.

Todd Winter, OAL Operations Director, says:

“Well-being is such a broad topic and all of us will face challenges – whether that be the loss of a relative, the breakdown of a relationship, ill health or even addiction. Most problems don’t need support or intervention, but issues can have lasting effects.”

Robert Candy, Chief Executive of the Scaffolding Association went on to explain:

“Well-being issues, especially around mental health, have had more column inches than ever before, but it’s a misconception that this is a new problem. One of the core problems is that intervention tends to be reactive, not proactive and that is what we set about changing with the team at Optimus”

Laying the foundations for others to adopt a similar program was a key objective.

Todd continued;

“Well-being matters far more than business rivalry.

We are talking about people’s lives – why would we not share? We are all scaffolders at the end of the day, regardless of the name on our truck!”

Find out more about the initiative here: OAL

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