NFB calls for major reform of CITB and no delay to consensus

The National Federation of Builders (NFB) has called for major reforms to the CITB in order to support skills in the sector.

The decision follows concerns raised by the NFB’s Major Contractors Group in May and underling concerns raised by the NFB’s Regional Executive Boards last year.

The NFB’s Board recorded its explicit recognition of the importance of a pan-industry approach to investing in skills for the sector, and the aims of the CITB, but noted a number of serious concerns with the delivery of those aims through the organisation itself.

Specifically, the NFB is now calling for:

1) Keeping consensus

The NFB is calling for consensus to go ahead this year, giving industry the chance to have its say on the CITB’s reformed offer to industry.

2) Reformed operations

The NFB is calling for major governance reforms to ensure better value for money, efficient collection and continued delivery of skills and training projects and programmes.

3) Equality of outcomes

The NFB is calling for a fairer approach to grant expenditure, ensuring that businesses of all sizes benefit equitably.

Commenting, Nick Sangwin, Chair of the National Federation of Builders said: 

“We have today written to Gillian Keegan MP the Apprenticeship and Skills Minister to outline our concerns about the operation of the CITB and to request that consensus takes place this year. At the last consensus CITB were put on notice and we listened and gave them our approval. Many members feel that they haven’t listened to what we were telling them three years ago. With increasing bureaucracy in accessing training funding, reduced levels of local training, swathing suspensions and cuts to funded projects and programmes; CITB needs a fundamental shake-up and should ask industry to approve a new way forward. The CITB should not hide from asking industry to endorse its approach to spending our money, to train our people.”