New scaffolding clamp increases site safety

A new scaffold tube lifting clamp will help to increase site safety by removing the need for poles to be tied together and therefore reducing the chances of them slipping during the lifting and lowering process.

The new clamp, which is available from BLC Construction Supplies, was created by scaffolder, Jeff Gaydon, who has more than 30 years experience in the industry. Mr Gaydon had become concerned about the risk of having tubes slip due to poorly made rolling and half hitch knots so devised the clamp to help tackle the issue.

The clamp is easy to use and takes less time to attach than using traditional knot methods. It has a straightforward attachment that can then be tightened using a standard scaffold size spanner so does not require any additional equipment.

David Eveleigh, Managing Director at BLC Construction supplies, said: “The new clamp is perfect for use by all scaffold access industries to help with the safe lifting and lowering of tubes. It is quick and easy to use and will particularly improve the safety of lowering poles as this is when you are trying to pull the knot tight as it is moved over the top rail into the vertical lowering position. This is sometimes tricky and leaves room for error and therefore accidents. This new clamp will help stop this happening.”

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