New product from Klipp-it set to revolutionise fitting toeboards

Glasgow based Klipp-it have designed a new single-component toeboard clip that is set to increase productivity and safety on site. The new Klipp-it Toeboard can be attached to scaffolding securely in seconds and is simply lowered down onto the toeboard.

The toeboard Klipp-it will also secure end boards using the same clip.

Its lightweight design, ease of installation, durability and lack of maintenance is a substantial improvement on traditional metal clamps.

Unlike metal clamps, the Klipp-it Toeboard requires no tools for either fixing or removal, not only does this make installation quicker, but it also increases safety against drop hazards.

The lightweight clip is made from glass filled polypropylene, which means there is a significant reduction in weight compared to traditional metal clamps, making the Klipp-it Toeboard easier to handle and allows for more fittings to be carried at the same time.

The Klipp-it Toeboard also improves safety against COVID-19, not only is it installed by a single operative, allowing for social distancing, but the single-component is also easily sanitised.

In addition, the Klipp-it Toeboard is rust and corrosion resistant, recyclable at end of life and can be used hundreds of times.

The Klipp-it Toeboard is the third product in the Klipp-it range, it joins the original Klipp-it, a simple clip device that attaches to scaffolding for uses such as securing netting, brickguards, sheeting and for cable management, as well as the Klipp-it Coupler that secures temporary fencing together.

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This article was originally featured in the 15th printed edition of AccessPoint, you can read the full magazine online by clicking below;

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