New laws mean ‘hours worked’ must be shown on payslips

Payslips will now have to include the number of hours worked – making it easier for workers to check they are being paid the correct amount.

This new right ensures that all workers receive a payslip, which forms part of the government’s Good Work Plan – the biggest package of workplace reforms for over 20 years.

It means payslips will now include the number of hours worked, making it simpler for workers to make sure they are being paid in full, and at the correct rate.

Ministers also brought into law a package of trailblazing reforms, which will give workers ground-breaking new rights. This includes the repeal of the Swedish Derogation – a legal loophole that enabled some companies to pay agency workers less than permanent staff – and a new entitlement to a day one statement of rights setting out details of a new employee’s leave allowance.

Business Secretary Greg Clark said: “We have introduced a new right for all workers to a payslip ensuring workers are paid fairly.”


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