New digital tools from HAKI set to enhance customer service

HAKI has invested in various digital tools to facilitate customer requirements and provide a more service-focused offering. Digital developments include the new HAKI Design Tool and HAKI BIM, which have been developed together with Cadcraft.

The HAKI Design Tool is a 3D-based product configurator that allows users to configure scaffolding designs directly through the web, offering time-saving benefits and reduced risk of incorrect input by non-CAD users. The solution is based on Inventor iLogic and Configurator 360, from Autodesk, and brings an improved visualisation to designs at a more professional level.

To enable a more advanced drawing mode for system settings, the new HAKI BIM allows technical support to complete a user’s configuration. Data is picked up digitally from the configurator and loaded into Autodesk’s Revit for customisation. In the application, the access solution can be quantified and the data exported for production. The BIM system can also calculate the strength of the designed solution using Robot Structural Analysis.



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