Home Product News Monarflex Kederflex has covers for Marlborough College

Monarflex Kederflex protective roof sheeting from Icopal has been installed at Marlborough College, Wiltshire, as part of a £3.1 million refurbishment of the entire Grade II listed North Block.

Selected for its strong, reinforced structure, the Kederflex HFFR temporary roof and facade covering system was installed as a climate shield to provide effective cover from rain and snow as well as to keep out the sun’s harmful UV rays.

As the roofing was scheduled to take three months to complete, containment sheeting was essential, particularly as Marlborough College’s Wiltshire location means the building is susceptible to gale-force conditions during certain months.

Kederflex has a unique eyelet fastening system – specific to Monarflex products – that makes it possible for the sheeting to be secured to the centre of a working area, therefore lowering the likelihood of disturbance from higher wind speeds.

In addition, Kederflex allows in plenty of natural light, despite the special white flame-retardant tinting, and provided a pleasing aesthetic finish that appeared in keeping with its surroundings.


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