Men’s Health Forum release new manual: Man MOT for the Mind

The Men’s Health Forum (MHF) are set to release their new interactive manual: Man MOT for the Mind

The MHF state the new manual is a “do-it-yourself health checks and challenges for your mind and well-being” and offers “a simple, effective way to figure out how you’re really feeling” as well as being a tool-kit to help “keep you in a good place or take you to a better one.”

The Man MOT for the Mind manual is a 20 page A5 booklet that is fully compliant with the NHS England Information Standard, of which the MHF is a member of, this means the manual is fully referenced and has been peer-reviewed by a team of medics and the MHF trustees, in addition to have been ‘road tested’ with Public Health England.

“A healthier life need not be a big deal. With the Men’s Health Forum’s Man MOT For The Mind, it’s effective and it’s fun.”

Men’s Health Forum

The special pre-order price for the manual is: £129.99 for a box of 100 or £3.79 for a single copy. This offer ends on the 18th of October where the price will be £139.99 for a box of 100 or £3.95 for a single copy.

You can take a look inside the manual and order your copy over on their website: Men’s Health Forum