MD Scaffolding Services Ltd raise the roof that helps raise a house from the ashes

Assessed Members of the Scaffolding Association, MD Scaffolding Services Ltd, have been supporting reconstruction works at Betley Court, Crewe, following a devastating fire two years ago.

Initially, the MD Scaffolding team worked with the demolition company, providing access for debris removal, and helping to make the building safe.

Now, the focus is on supporting construction internal works and roof repairs.

As undamaged parts of the building remain occupied, working hours have been restricted, and a strict 10-week programme needs to be adhered to.

The rural location is exposed, leading to days being lost to extreme weather.

The building’s owners and nearby residents have all been amazed at the sheer size of the temporary roof, with the gradual construction becoming a talking point between scaffolders and villagers – it has even been referred to as ‘a work of art’.

The owners have been documenting the building’s rise from the ashes in a blog which makes interesting reading – both from a regeneration and historical viewpoint, you can read the blog here.

Find out more about MD Scaffolding Services Ltd here.

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