LT Scaffold Services Ltd complete work on £12m redevelopment

LT Scaffold Services Ltd, Audited Members of the Scaffolding Association, have been working alongside clients Loft Co and Amser Building Services on a significant project – the £12m redevelopment of Newport’s historic Grade ll listed market.

By supplying full internal and external access scaffolding the prestige refurbishment of the iconic Newport landmark has now been able to get underway.

One of the main challenges that the LT Scaffold team faced was to back prop through the main building to support the external scaffold to the turret.

Each floor had a unique layout, making the marking out more difficult than previous back propping jobs.

Logistics faced restrictions as the market is in a city centre with strict travel restrictions that only permit deliveries between 6am–10am.

LT Scaffold’s team also needed to co-ordinate logistics in order to minimise disruption to public transport: Newport’s main transport hub is situated opposite the market, with buses and taxis departing and arriving all day.

All issues were resolved and the scaffold construction was completed successfully.

To gain an impression of the scale of work, watch a fly-through video here.

Find out more about LT Scaffold Services Ltd here.

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