Lorries exempt from MOT for 3 months

All lorry MOT tests have been suspended from 21st March 2020 for 3 months because of the Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak. In most cases your lorry will have been automatically issued a 3-month exemption, and you don’t need to do anything. You won’t be sent a paper exemption certificate. Instead, the vehicle’s MOT will be extended by 3 months from its current due date. You can check online at www.gov.uk/check-mot-history to see if your vehicle has been issued an exemption. Check back after a few days if the extended MOT date is not yet showing.

If your vehicle needs its first MOT before 31st March 2020, you must apply for an exemption – email retrokeyteam@dvsa.gov.uk and type ‘First test exemptions’ in the subject box. You’ll need to supply your name, phone number, address, the vehicle number plate and vehicle identification number (VIN).

It remains important to ensure any vehicle on the road is safe, as Richard Burnett, Chief Executive of the Road Haulage Association (RHA) emphasised: “These are unprecedented times that need creative and pragmatic new approaches. It is vital that all vehicles on our roads remain safe to use and their roadworthiness must be maintained at all times.” The RHA believes that roadworthiness testing should recommence as soon as possible.

If a vehicle’s tax is due, you should continue to pay that as normal.

Source: www.gov.uk