LFI TuFF steel ladder: designed with scaffolding in mind

As the changes to EN131 (the standard that governs the design, strength and testing of ladders in the UK and Europe) have taken a hold there has been a greater need to offer clarity on ladder durability and user expectations.

Fourth generation family business LFI, based in Gloucestershire, have recently re-branded and segmented their product range to help users select the right products for their work.

Alongside their Pro and Home range, they have relaunched their TuFF range of products, which are made from larger profiles and stronger materials, making them suitable for frequent use in tough construction environments.

Most notably for scaffolders: The TuFF Steel is a heavy-duty steel pole ladder certified to EN131:2010 and A2:2012 standards with a maximum load and duty rating of 150kgs.

Made from precision engineered steel with a Galvalume coating inside and out, the ladder is corrosion resistant (with no need for caps to hide rust!). 

The non-sparking finish is suitable in a potentially flammable environment, and more durable than paint or epoxy alternatives.

Manufactured from cold-rolled steel for maximum strength to weight ratio, the TuFF Steel is available in lengths up to 8m and comes with a 10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Ben Walker, MD says:

 “It’s exciting times for LFI who are well known as a long-standing premium supplier of strong, dependable products into the construction industry.”

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT:  andy.ferris@lfi-ladders.co.uk

Pictured: LFI EssGee Steps