Lawton Brothers Scaffolding complete underground challenge

Lawton Brothers Scaffolding Contractors, Scaffolding Association Assessed Members, have completed a subterranean project for Wessex Water at Camp Hill Reservoir, Salisbury.

The company were contracted to supply and erect access scaffolding within an underground clean water reservoir so that the client’s team could cover the walls and ceiling with a special coating.

The company faced numerous challenges:

  • The reservoir is classed as a confined space so specialist confined space trained scaffolders were selected
  • This is a clean water reservoir and so strict parameters needed to be adhered to
  • Absolutely no contaminants are permitted and so brand new un-serviced and un-painted materials and composite decking were used to avoid splitting or chipping of timber boards.

As the volume of clean water is usually split between two side-by-side reservoirs, only one could be emptied at any given time.

The significant size of each reservoir would have required a lot of scaffolding to complete works in one go, so a six-phase schedule was devised to ensure an efficient and ultimately successful work plan.

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