Klawz reveals cost and time savings

A series of films explaining the cost and time benefits of using the patented Klawz Scaffold Fitting have been premiered by Forgeco and its design partner Raptor Scaffold Designs.

The new series of films demonstrate the results of a detailed technical investigation into the use of the Klawz fitting in eight scenarios including a beam span; splayed scaffolding; tube and fitting scaffold; a birdcage; a loading bay; double standards with Readylok; a system beam connection; and with Readylok.

Each film comes with a weight and cost analysis that shows the savings that can accrue from adopting the Klawz Scaffold Fitting within scaffold designs.

Samuel Crowley, group technical director at SCP Forgeco, said: “The new films highlight the financial and technical benefits of using Klawz in different situations. We’re also going through further testing to showcase additional advantages it can bring.

“By proposing solutions that reduce the number and weight of fittings and equipment used there a then significant savings to be made on transport cost and consequential reductions in the environmental footprint.”

The Klawz fitting is tested to EN71-1:2005 Class B and is available from approved suppliers.

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