KIT Design launches X-Form Scaffolders’ Vest

UK workwear company KIT Design, which specialises in the design and manufacture of high-quality technical wear, has introduced the X-Form Scaffolders’ Vest.

X-Form Scaffolders' VestKIT Design’s original X-Form Anti-Stress equipment vest system features a core chassis that spreads the weight of carried equipment evenly across the body for significantly higher levels of comfort and support. This X-Form capability has now been incorporated into a special vest for scaffolders – the new Scaffolders’ Vest – a hi-vis equipment vest that works in unison with a harness and can connect to a lanyard via a back opening.

Pushing PPE design and manufacture to new heights is KIT Design’s Life Equipment Vest, a multi-purpose vest which combines a fully certified self-inflating bladder built into an X-Form vest.

Combining all-day comfort with original technical features results in industry-leading performance, durability and value. All X-Form vests can be customised to include a choice of lightweight and breathable technical fabrics in a range of colours, interchangeable pockets and fastenings, body lengths, reflective tapes, and badging and radio dockets. As standard, all X-Forms provide 20cm of adjustability for easy sizing and can be worn over layered clothing, harnesses, body armour and seasonal coats.


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