ITP explain why keeping things under wraps is good for publicity

Industrial Textiles & Plastics (ITP), who are associate members of the Scaffolding Association, are a leading manufacturer of engineered protective textiles, including scaffold sheeting. In this article Saria Monsen-Elvik, Marketing & Communications at ITP, discusses the benefits of branded scaffold sheeting.

Speaking as a marketer, plain containment sheeting is a missed marketing opportunity.

Think about it, the sheeting presents a highly visible blank canvas. Simply put, sheeted scaffolding is the perfect backdrop for branding and images, essentially, it’s a giant billboard.

Printed sheeting surrounding a building project is literally valuable real estate for developing brand awareness, or a means to communicate details about the project, for example showcasing what the development will look like once it is finished – good for community engagement.

Conversely, if you do not want your project to be revealed before it is finished, printed sheeting can help to keep it under wraps, and creating a design that blends in with the surrounding area can promote a degree of visual harmony during the unsightly construction phase.

Here at ITP we have been in the business of printing protective construction materials for quite some time and as a result, we possess the know-how when it comes to the technical aspects to consider, for instance, the size of the project, the weight of the sheeting, wind speeds, etc. and we are super proficient when it comes to design and printing across our wide range of scaffold and containment sheeting, from simple step and repeat logos to large-scale murals on building wraps. 

We offer a couple of printing processes to suit your design requirements and because we print on-site, we provide a speedy turnaround.

Wates, and the developer Cartrefi Conwy, chose to illustrate the finished building and included their corporate branding (SOURCE: ITP)
One Wilton Park, Dublin, a new 14,100 sq mtr office development over nine floors went for maximum impact with their digitally printed scaffold sheeting (SOURCE: ITP)

If you want to raise the profile of your next project call ITP on 01347 825200 for Howard, Dave, or Seb.


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