Saria Monsen-Elvik appointed to head up marketing and communications at Industrial Textiles & Plastics

Associate members of the Scaffolding Association, Industrial Textiles & Plastics (ITP) have appointed a new head of marketing and communications, Saria Monsen-Elvik.

Leading producer of protective engineered flame retardant and chemical resistant membranes, Industrial Textiles & Plastics Limited, has appointed Saria Monsen-Elvik to head up their Marketing and Communications. 

Saria will be responsible for the company brand and marketing strategy.

This new appointment heralds a focus on promoting the company’s extensive product range, technical credentials and added value capabilities, this is an exciting chapter for the flame retardant and chemical resistant specialists.

Saria brings more than 20 years’ experience in marketing with a proven track record implementing marketing led strategies across several manufacturing industries.

She will play a pivotal role in leading the marketing direction of the company.

Saria Monsen-Elvik said:

“I am delighted to join ITP, their commitment to producing hi-tech safety products supported by passionate customer service is inspirational, it certainly makes my role easy!

I am genuinely excited to play a part in promoting the integrity of the company, its people, and products to a wider audience.”

SOURCE & IMAGE CREDITS: Industrial Textiles & Plastics PR

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