iPhorms say ‘now is the time to go digital’

Working at the request of a major scaffolding company in the North West, iPhorms have developed an employee ‘Hub’ which can contain any, and all, of the forms required by a scaffolding company in digital format. Greatly reducing the need for paper and increasing the speed of distribution.

Now field tested for 12 months by over 40 contractors it has proven to reduce wage costs, improve admin and boost compliance: reducing corporate liability – as well as reducing paper consumption and your carbon footprint!

Any paper forms currently in use can be digitised. The ‘Hub’ works like an app on any smart phone, and is cloud based so no disc space on the phone is required. Completed forms can be sent by email directly from site, and if the internet is not available, forms are stored for later transmission. Any form will print out exactly like the original paper copy and include the company branding.

The ‘Hub’ can link to third party information such as your company health and safety policy, safety bulletins and even videos, such as those from equipment manufacturers.

Timesheet management and real time attendance register

Attendance sheets and thumbprint recognition are no longer safe or practical in the COVID era, so when a member of staff arrives at site for their own safety they use their own phone to clock in and out.

Digitised timesheets are completed at site at clock in/clock off and record the GPS location, taking a face picture and signature from each individual. If required pictures of the work completed that day can be included.

Compliance – Safeguarding you from corporate liability

Corporate liability is a serious issue – Company directors face fines or even prison for the failure of workers or supervisors to prevent accidents.

The safety checks and disclaimers built into our daily and weekly forms give you cast iron security that everything that could be done has been done, for example:

  • Neither themselves and no one in their household are showing symptoms of COVID-19.
  • They are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • They have the correct PPE to work safely and understand how to use it.

Once they have confirmed they can then clock in, the system records the date, time and location, and requires a signature and face stamp, the same is required when they stop work and the time spent is saved in a dashboard with easy accounting downloads.

Any form can be digitised bespoke for any user, and here is a small selection of forms currently in use;

  • Variation Orders: Can be signed on site by the client and immediately sent to the client, the office, estimators and safety officers.
  • Handover Forms: Capture client signature, and immediately email them to the office for inclusion in valuations.
  • Daily vehicle checks: Includes a picture of the vehicle number plate and highlights any faults directly to the office to the transport manage
  • As well as; Pull Tests, Toolbox Talks, Risk Assessment, Plant Inspections, Load Lists and Site Inspections

For further information contact Nigel Jordan, CEO on 01625 464238 or [email protected] or visit www.iphorms.com

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