Introducing the new universal loading bay gate front from Stay-Safe Scaffold Products

Having been at the forefront of innovation and manufacturing of loading bay gates since 2003, the new Universal Gate Front from Stay-Safe Scaffold Products raises the bar to a new level.

Gate fronts are notoriously poorly made from unsuitable materials with flimsy weldmesh, single spot welds and with fiddly clips. When Stay-Safe invented the “up and over” loading bay gate they realised the gate front element was the weakest part of the unit and restricted the size of the loading bay.

The Stay-Safe solution enables scaffold tubes, boards and brick guards to fit with the gate arms to form front and rear guardrails at any given size, eradicating the weakest and most expensive part of a loading bay gate. However, some housebuilders are now requesting loading bay gates with a fixed gate front panel, and so Stay-Safe redesigned the gates accordingly.

All gates are made in Britain and made to last – manufactured from heavy-duty square hollow section steel and ten gauge weldmesh.

All gate fronts are fully welded for maximum Introducing the new universal loading bay gate front from Stay-Safe Scaffold Products strength and durability. The gate fronts are fully compatible with all Stay-Safe loading bay gate arms and do not compromise the functionality nor the counter-balance of the gate when static or in use.

Gate fronts can be customised to individual specifications with steel toe board, nameplates and safe working load signs. They can also be powder-coated in any colour to give a fully bespoke one-off loading bay gate, enabling a scaffolding company to stand out from the competition and promote their brand.

Use of the Stay-Safe Universal Gate Front also demonstrates that a company is operating to the highest safety standards as it is fully compliant with TG20 and BS EN 13374.

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