Home Product News HoloLens app from Avontus brings scaffold designs to life

Scaffolding software expert Avontus Software announced the launch of its new app for Microsoft HoloLens.

The latest launch from Avontus delivers a view of scaffolding in a form being dubbed Mixed Reality (MR). MR projects a 3D scaffold model onto the view of its users’ surroundings to enable interactions to take place. The model can be rotated, scaled and placed anywhere. It can also be viewed 1:1 meaning the scaffolding can be shown at actual scale on the structure it is providing access to.

Avontus support specialist Shaun Whyman said: “Even when using traditional 2D and even 3D drawings, a scaffolding company’s customers often don’t understand how scaffolding is supposed to work, let alone what it’s going to look like.”

Andrew Smith, the sales director for Avontus, added: “MR and VR help to bring proposed works to life, without any extra work. As a result, customers are reporting up to a 15 per cent increase in contract wins.”

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