Home Product News Hilti launches next generation cordless impact wrench

Hilti aims to consign under- and over-torqued HST3 Stud anchors to history with the launch of the next generation SIW 6AT-A22 cordless impact wrench and SI-AT-A22 adaptive torque module.


The new lightweight SI-AT-A22 module slots into the base of the tool and has a mechatronic system that processes live data on the settings being done.


When used together, the new system creates the first impact wrench-based adaptive torque available that covers ETA approvals for HST3 stud anchors ranging from M8 to M12.


Users scan the box of the Hilti HST3 anchor with the AT module’s integrated barcode reader and the tool automatically tightens to the required torque. Once the process is complete, the AT module provides a visual and audible alert before stopping automatically, ensuring the job is completed consistently and accurately.

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