Government issues list of 2020 priorities for CITB

The CITB’s mandate for this year has been announced. The key objective is to help industry meet the Government’s ambition to build 300,000 homes a year by the mid-2020s.

As a part of this, the CITB will support modernisation of the industry with a particular focus on the development of digital technology and modern construction methods. It must promote diversity in the construction sector, enabling the industry to access the widest range of talent.

The CITB will help industry adapt to the UK’s exit from the EU by developing our own talent and growing the UK workforce. The body will support the Government’s technical education reforms, including engagement with the apprenticeships programme and support for the new construction T levels and the provision of work placements, ultimately growing higher technical education.

The CITB will work to consider how existing onsite training, including the Construction Skills Fund, can be used to identify alternative pathways into and progression routes within the construction sector.

There will be a focus on showcasing the results that the industry Levy has achieved to improve and retain skills for the benefit of the Industry. Effective preparation for the summer 2020 Consensus process is important. Overall, the CITB will be strategic, efficient and focused on future skills.