G-DECK – the only true crash deck safety decking system

Construction deck, crash deck, load deck, working platform, whatever you call it, the decking system you use on site should do more than simply provide access for site personnel. It should also protect their safety and your reputation.

Construction is still the industry with the highest fatality rate from accidents at work and falls from height make up 20% of fatal workplace accidents. 

Working at height is unavoidable on a construction site but a robust crash deck can be critical to life safety by breaking a fall. 

It can only provide this important safety function if it is strong enough to withstand an impact, however, and the only way to be sure that this is the case is to choose a construction deck that has been impact tested.

G-DECK is the only decking system that has been fully tested to verify that it can withstand the impact of 150kg from a height of 3m. 

With a load bearing capacity of 600kg/m2 it also allows materials to be delivered straight onto the deck. 

It’s important to note that breaking the fall of a construction operative is not the only safety-critical role played by an effective crash deck. The danger posed by falling objects could also cause a less robust working platform to fail. In this scenario, instead of keeping site operatives safe, the decking system could collapse, putting them at increased risk. And

any risk to health and safety could put your reputation in jeopardy, affecting customer confidence, business development and your employer brand.

All G-DECK systems have been designed with a safety-first approach.

The G-DECK Lite system has been impact tested too and proven to withstand 100kg from a height of 2m.

It is all too easy to assume that a working platform that can support the weight of operatives offers a safe solution, however, if it cannot withstand the impact of falling materials or break a fall is it truly safe?

Call 0116 251 0352 or email [email protected] to find out more about the safety features of G-DECK systems or to book a demo.

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