Free contracts and T&Cs negotiation webinar for scaffold contractors

Scaffold contractors can book a free place on an important webinar being organised by Holmes & Hills Solicitors, the Scaffolding Association’s national legal partner.

Taking place at midday on Thursday 4th November, attendees will learn about the contract tactics of main contractors and developers. Attendees will leave the webinar understanding the risks and pitfalls that arise when communicating, negotiating and exchanging variations of contracts/terms and conditions (T&Cs) with main contractors and developers.

Delivered by Sam Bawden and Lawrence Pearce, specialist Construction Law solicitors at Holmes & Hills that advise and represent scaffolding companies across the country, attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and/or organise a follow-up conversation with the speakers if they have specific questions or queries.

Sam and Lawrence will talk in detail about how best to conduct communications and the pitfalls scaffolding companies often fall into, not realising the potentially expensive legal consequences. This will involve discussions surrounding what and who’s terms actually apply when multiple different contracts/T&Cs or versions of contracts/T&Cs have been exchanged, as well as what amounts to acceptance of contracts/T&Cs.

Perhaps most importantly, Sam and Lawrence will discuss and provide examples of the tactics they have seen main contractors and developers use in their attempts to ensure their terms (which greatly favour their position as opposed to that of the scaffolding contractor) apply, allowing you to be alive to these tactics when dealing with main contractors and developers in the future.

Book your place at, call Phil Davies on 01206 593933 or email him at [email protected]

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