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In a new partnership with the Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA), Scaffolding Association members can now get a 10 per cent discount when joining the FLTA’s Safe User Group. Members interested in taking up this discounted offer should email for information.

Being better informed about forklift trucks is essential for site and yard safety. They account for more than 1,300 deaths and serious accidents every year, with accidents involving forklift trucks potentially resulting in life-changing injuries, including crushed bones, de-gloved limbs, long-bone fractures and amputations.

Keeping accidents at bay takes constant vigilance underpinned by expert, independent help. This is where the FLTA’s Safe User Group (SUG) can help with its step-by-step site-safety guide, available free and exclusively to SUG members. This practical 26-part programme allows you to benchmark your operations and then introduce tried-and-tested improvements, often at low or no cost.

In addition, you’ll receive regular health and safety newsletters, a member’s magazine and Safety Alerts – all supported by fact sheets, technical bulletins, handbooks and free, expert helplines. Members also receive a discounted invitation to attend and participate in the UK’s only national, annual fork lift safety conference.



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