First PERI UP Easy system in the UK specified for Barbican structure

Blake Tower, part of the Grade II listed Barbican development, is the first PERI project in the UK to feature the company’s lightweight scaffolding system – PERI UP Easy. It’s also the first time PERI has collaborated with London-based scaffolding contractor Legion Scaffolding.

Technical expertise from PERI’s scaffolding team was crucial in accommodating the challenging access requirements in this central London location. Additional pressure was placed on keeping build and dismantling times to an absolute minimum, as residents occupied the building while construction work was ongoing.

One of the main requirements was external ladder access over 50 metres in height. This was in addition to hanger access to the balcony, which would enable window installation across the tower’s luxury penthouse apartments.

Features such as the advanced guardrail, and the fact that it’s made of off-the-shelf components, made the PERI UP Easy system ideal for this requirement. With fewer couplers and special tools required, scaffolders experienced a simpler and faster build process compared to tube and fit.

The PERI UP Easy tower took scaffolders two days to build, making it more than four times faster than the predicted build time (10 days) for a tube and fit equivalent. In addition to halving build times, PERI UP Easy’s low weight and minimal components also reduced transport requirements.

What made this scaffolding solution more beneficial is the integration of the simple PERI UP Easy tower with versatile PERI UP Flex components.

The latter was used for the complex access requirements on the balcony itself, consisting of a scaffolding hanger on either side to facilitate window installation. Using system scaffolding for the hangers mitigated bracing and beam requirements. Without the need for bracing across the working platform, scaffolders had unobstructed access to carry windows to the point of installation.

Additionally, constructing without beams further simplified the build, resulting in fewer components and around a 50% reduction in labour time. System support for complex access requirements like this was crucial during the initial stages of the build – PERI’s site demonstrators were appointed to ensure assembly was carried out safely and efficiently as per the design.

Daniel Boyle, Director of Legion Scaffolding, commented:

“As someone who has worked in a traditional scaffolding company, I have never ventured into system scaffolding before, but the PERI UP products have changed my mind.

The speed and enhanced safety features of the PERI UP range are the main reasons we chose to work with PERI. The design of the combined solution was well thought out, and the 3D modelling produced by PERI allowed us to demonstrate sequencing and the time and labour savings that could be achieved for our client – the latter being the biggest bonus on this project.”

Industrial Manager for PERI UP, Mark Holmes, commented:

“It’s been great working with Legion Scaffolding to overcome the complex access requirements on Blake Tower.

Due to the speed of PERI UP Easy and the benefits of the combined PERI UP Flex solution, we were pleased to be able to shave days off the total erection and dismantling time, increase efficiency and help minimise the disruption to residents.”

Find out more about PERI UP Scaffolding here and Legion Scaffolding here.

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