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Now that the nights are drawing in, it’s dark when most of us finish work every day and sadly the weather does become more changeable. Well, we’ve pulled together a handy refresher of winter driving trips on page 12… and I bet we could all do with reminding ourselves of a few key points!

The Association has been hard at work developing a more robust infrastructure to support our growing membership. As part of this strategy, our Manufacturers’ Committee agreed a number of initiatives that will result in a further commitment by the sector to ensure that there is responsible sourcing of product, with clear lines of trackability, and that standards are clearly shown on all accessories, systems, fittings and fixings.

Clear statements of quality are a top priority for the Scaffolding Association and our members. This is why we’re also introducing new membership levels for manufacturer members: Assessed Membership and Audited Membership. The new Assessed Membership level has been driven by our manufacturing members and it will require them to have an externally assessed ISO Quality Management System. This is another factual demonstration, verified by independent auditors, that Association members deliver a level of quality. We introduced this new membership level on 1st October.

Audited Membership will be based around audits carried out by an independently assessed third party, and to add strength, these audit inspections will be unscheduled. We’ll provide further details on these new membership levels as developments progress.

At the centre of responsible sourcing is traceability: knowing where products come from and being able to confidently say – and prove – that they have been tested to the appropriate standards. I am very pleased to say that the Scaffolding Association will be publishing a series of guidance notes to help member contractors understand the optimum way to procure products. As we work in a litigious world, we need to use products that have been appropriately tested and have confidence in their provenance thanks to a high level of traceability to provide assurance and confidence to our clients. We’re covering some fantastic projects in this issue. Whether large (see Mercer Scaffolding’s Covent Garden masterpiece ) or small (read how i-Scaff sorted out a rail-side challenge in Fife ), they all showcase the expertise and commitment to high standards that mean we can be truly proud of our sector.

Robert Candy
Chief Executive
Scaffolding Association

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