CLC help launch Zero Avoidable Waste Routemap

The construction sector is the biggest producer of waste in England. The overall reduction of waste, significant reuse and the diversion of waste from landfill together form a significant part in the delivery of Government’s net zero carbon targets.

The sector produces approximately two thirds of the country’s total waste – in 2016 this amounted to 120 million tonnes. The Routemap for Zero Avoidable Waste leads on ways of generating less tonnage of material waste from the outset and across the building lifecycle. It sets a pathway to prevent, reuse and recycle more, and eliminate waste to landfill.

The Routemap has been prepared by the Green Construction Board (GCB), in collaboration with Defra and BEIS. It identifies the action that everyone involved in the construction sector – both public and private – can take to help deliver a lower carbon, more efficient industry. It is supported by the CLC, which leads on strategic government and industry issues for the sector. The Routemap recognises that actions by all parts of the supply chain are needed to reduce waste and ultimately eliminate all avoidable waste.

There are important actions for everyone to take – public and private clients, design teams, contractors, suppliers, facilities managers and demolition contractors.

The interactive infographic is available on the Construction Leadership Council website:

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