Advice on reducing your fleet insurance spend

The continuing COVID-19 outbreak has created an urgency to manage costs like never before. Scaffinsure explain how to reduce insurance costs while your vehicles may be sitting idle.  Whilst the risk of accident on the roads during lockdown has gone down, some other risks have gone up. So they’ve shared some of

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Commercial & Legal

Why your business might need ownership protection

Martin Ward, an associate director of Amicus Insurance Solutions, outlines an aspect of insurance that is often overlooked – protecting the ownership of the business. When a business owner or partner dies, in addition to the obvious sadness and everyday

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What’s the risk with underinsured subcontractors?

Today subcontractors are a key component of the supply chain and a foundation for the business model that both principal and specialist contractors have adopted to operate efficiently. With every part of the supply chain there is a risk if

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